Liquidedge Computers is a leading IT Solutions Company in Nigeria which has helped a lot of companies and organizations reach their financial and branding goals.

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Liquidedge provides various Blockchain-based solutions and Blockchain Development services. We build enterprise-grade Blockchain solutions for government, organizations, and individuals. We specialize in Smart Contract Development, Decentralized Applications Development, Hyperledger Development, Ethereum Smart Contract Development and Private and Permissioned Blockchain Implementation. At Liquidedge, we aim for the smoothest development and deployment strategies, that inculcate trust and reliance between us and businesses.

Blockchain Development & Integration

Full-scale development of a blockchain system as a foundation to support business processes and transactions. Liquidedge helps businesses transition and adopt blockchain in order to harness the technology’s capability to deliver unprecedented cost efficiency.

Blockchain as a Service

Blockchain as a service (BaaS) is the third-party development, deployment and management of cloud-based networks for Blockchain application development companies. Our expert Blockchain developers take care of the BaaS deployment while you can just focus on the functionality of the Blockchain and services provided by the BaaS model. We help you deploy Blockchain as a Service model (BaaS) in your business.

Smart Contract Development

We design, develop and audit secure, efficient, self-executing smart contracts to automate all transactions and enable them to be done without an intermediary. We enable businesses to be able to reduce the resources allocated to one task by implementing smart contracts. We help them to achieve transparency in their records and regulation processes, build immutable contract systems on Ethereum, EOS, or Hyperledger Fabric or other public Blockchain platforms.

KYC Development

We develop efficient Blockchain based KYC systems for our clients who have to collect user data everyday from all over the world. With our KYC systems, you can save more time, eliminate intermediaries, eliminate the possibility of unauthorized access, reduce the number of errors and inaccuracies, and enhance the security, interoperability of the customer data.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

We are experts in developing cryptocurrency exchanges that have similarities with Binance. We have recently built exchange bridges like XIO ‘Token Swap’ to swap tokens as well. We provide assistance in purchasing, exchanging or selling different tokens or currencies through a cryptocurrency exchange as well.

Token Marketing

We help in the marketing of tokens owned by various organizations. We have Blockchain-powered, customizable products that help businesses build communities for ICO launches and facilitate the exchange of tokens.

P2P Exchange Development

We develop peer to peer exchange platforms that help our clients to own platforms where they can easily send assets securely and efficiently.